Located right here in Cornwall is one of the worlds most sophisticated computer systems and believed to rival the power and precision of even NASA’s most technically advanced systems. The computer was created by non other than The Puzzle Master himself, and known to all who use her as AGENT MIA. 

AGENT MIA is responsible for monitoring and tracking the locations of all the detectives that work within the Puzzle Masters organisation and programmed for mission information analyses (MIA). Made to be impenetrable to outside attacks MIA’s only weakness is to be placed in sleep mode for longer than two hours Any longer than this causes MIA’s memories to be  permanently wiped and MIA will cease to exist. This might soon be a reality as MIA has been placed in sleep mode for almost an hour. The life threatening consequences of MIA being permanently erased are unspeakable and not only will our undercover detectives lives be at risk, but also the network of informants, assets and other officials that help keep the world safe.

Due to the security clearance required to interact with MIA there are only six PUZZLE MASTER personnel that have the necessary status to have caused this disaster.

You and your team have one hour to locate MIA’s remote secure server, bring MIA back online and discover the identity of the person responsible for placing MIA in sleep mode.